What I do

I am an experienced sales trainer focussed on industrial B2B exchanges. Most of the existing training options for salespeople have consumer sales, or B2C, in mind but a lot of the lessons do not transfer to the B2B world where the emphasis is on longer-term relationships. Which is why I have chosen to dedicate my training packages to the needs of salespeople who want to become more than a vendor of raw materials.


My personal credentials are 28 years in sales and other commercial roles in mutinationals in the plastics, packaging and chemical industries. Added to this, I have been training adults for 12 years, most notably working for the Open University Business School.



My areas of expertise are:


- working with teams to boost their performance

- building the right team from the start

- helping people understand themselves better

- problem-solving and idea-generation

- selecting the best solutions and ideas

- negotiation skills (from beginner to complex)

- sales training; moving from "vendor" to "strategic partner" in 15 minutes



I use a simple approach:


- we meet and discuss a needs analysis for you and your team

- I make some suggestions for training modules and/or workshops

- you choose what you would like to implement

- I deliver said training sessions and workshops to transfer knowledge and skills

- your business improves


Would you like to find out more about how I can boost your business performance? Then drop me a line here to arrange a first exploration meeting.

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