Teamwork boosting

Your team can function better.


It all starts with knowing yourselves better, how you 'tick'. There are over 7 billion thinking styles out there right now, so some tools to navigate your way through that mess could be quite handy.


Luckily, in the last century, a host of psychologists developed a range of tools that can indicate a person's personality traits and we can use these to learn more about ourselves.


The next thing to do is talk openly in our team. Transparency is key here. Participation has to be voluntary and results treated in the utmost confidence. If team members can talk openly about their personality traits, then we can start smoothing out any differences or misunderstandings.


Finally, we can start looking at role-person fit. If we give more of the tasks they relish to people, the results simply have to be better. If we have to occasionally ask someone to do something that doesn't fit them so well, at least we can be aware of this and acknowledge it... and keep it short.


I use a tool called the "Belbin Team Roles" in a number of ways. Firstly, to support existing teams in their work. Secondly, I advise team leaders when they are putting a new team together. Finally, I make sure that each team member has a good feeling for the jobs (s)he likes to do, and those the fellow team-members prefer.


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