Sales training in a B2B world

Do you find yourself repeatedly putting off getting training, even though you are itching to get some up-to-date thinking on how to do your job better? You are not alone: the pressures of the day-job, hitting monthly targets, there goes the mobile again.


I know your world. We get bombarded with courses designed for B2C sales, the examples are always big brand-names that we can relate to but don’t fit our world. Here comes yet another story about Apple or Coke, well I’m sorry but that just isn’t relevant to me.

All that changes now.


In industrial sales we are dealing in raw materials or intermediates, specifications and product quality are important, and we are talking about large tonnages or large sums of money. Long-term deals and relationships are what it is all about and in reality my customer needs me as much as I need him. Our professional relationship is what matters, the trust and the reliability. And this is where my training begins to move away from other courses out there. My aim is to teach you how to become much more important to your customers.


The bad news? Sadly, it involves real hard graft.


The good news? Anyone can do it. And the results will surpass your wildest dreams.


Position yourself as Supplier#1. Even better, develop yourself as a strategic partner for your customer; you’re the first person he calls when he has a problem.



So here are the courses I have ready to go:


Value Selling: how to make clear to your customer how much value you bring


Seeing things from the Purchaser's side


Getting better customer insights: what do they really want?


Ninja Negotiations: how to apply psychology and culture to shapng a deal




To find out more about how we can make all of this happen, drop me a line!

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